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Welcome to the ISPAD 2022 Online Group Registration!

Group Registration is possible for a minimum of 5 registrations. Please carefully complete the following form that will give you the option to register your group members for the face-to-face or the virtual format. All boxes marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields. Additional details can be filled in boxes not marked with an asterisk (*). For further information please read the group procedure and check the information below.

Group Registration and name list template: As a first step you can order the number of registrations you require. After submitting your group registration you will receive a booking overview and an excel name list template to fill in the personal details of your group members by email.

Payment: The registration can be paid by credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) or by bank transfer. Please have your credit card and secure code ready if you wish to pay by credit card. Please note: Payment must be received by the next upcoming deadline to profit from the chosen registration fee.

ISPAD Membership: Membership must be valid at the time of registration AND during the conference.

Eligibility for Reduced Registration Fees:  To be able to register a group member as a student, fellow or trainee, you must present proof of full-time enrollment at a recognised university or college valid for both the time of registration and during the conference. To be able to register as a nurse, educator, dietitian or other healthcare professional a supporting letter with business letterhead, signature and stamp from your Head of Department is required describing your status for both the time of the registration and for the time of the conference. Alternatively, you can submit a copy of your registration or practicing certificate or an ID from your institution if your profession is stipulated on it.

Eligibility for Other Reduced Registration Fees: Participants from ‘low-income‘, ‘lower-middle income‘ or ‘upper-middle income‘ countries (as per World Bank categories) can also benefit from reduced registration fees according to their country of residence.

Should you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the ISPAD 2022 Registration Department.

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If you are an agency representing a company, please indicate the name of the company you are representing:

Registration Format

Your group members can join the ISPAD 2022 Conference in two different ways:
Onsite in Abu Dhabi with the FACE-TO-FACE registration fee or online with the VIRTUAL registration fee.
To see what is included in the registration fee, please click here.
Please note that you can still change the registration format after completing your group registration under the following conditions:
The price difference will be charged accordingly.
A refund of the price difference (subject to a 50 USD service charge) will be issued until July 30, 2022. After this deadline, no refund will be issued anymore. We recommend contracting a travel insurance to cover possible losses. Should ISPAD be obliged to change the conference format to a fully VIRTUAL conference for COVID-19 related reasons, all FACE-TO-FACE registrations will be converted to a VIRTUAL registration and the price difference refunded accordingly.
If a presenter is unable to join in person because of pandemic-related travel restrictions imposed by the authorities of his/her country, the refund of the price difference in registration fees can be applied after the conference. It will be treated on a case-by-case basis provided that all requested evidence is supplied.

Privacy Policy

I agree that all data provided may be used (saved, stored, processed, transmitted and deleted) and shared with ISPAD and its congress supplier(s) K.I.T. Group GmbH for registration and additional bookings (Networking and Recognition Evening) of my group members in compliance with the privacy policy and only to provide the services described. I confirm that all group members have been informed about the privacy policy and have agreed to its stipulations and procedures. Please note: You must agree to this stipulation.